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About Abacas

Hi! I'm Abacas. I'm an amatuer manga artist who's got a pretty ambitious project. I'm working on a manga called Medium Override. It follows Daisy Higgons through her transition, and many wacky adventures which bend time and space in ways it wasn't intended to.

Things I like to do include hanging out in voice chats, playing old minecraft, reverting my view of the web to the years between 2000-2013, and last but certainly not least, drawing! I love to dabble in many art mediums, most of which at least start out with 2D work, but I do dip my toes into making a 3D cardboard structure every now and then.

If you would like to see my art, you can either view a curated gallery on this website, or follow links to my more up-to-date page on social media. I can do commissions, but if you want to be satisfied with the result, I highly recommend you look at my other art. If I am to do a commission, I reserve the right to display the art work in a portfolio setting, and a rule for the actual art itself is that it cannot be NSFW. I can refuse to draw anything for any reason. Payment will be estimated based on the complexity of the request, and can only be through paypal or cashapp. If a commission from me still sounds good to you, then feel free to email me, there is a convenient little button for that at the top right everywhere on this site!

Lastly, thank you for looking at my site. I really appreciate you reading this, as it means the web is healing.

You are on Version 5.2 This update consists of a major style update inspired by recreations of and it's related sites from early 2013. It also features a blurb about itself in the about page, which I hope to update with every major update I make to my site after this point forward.
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